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Control your emotions with sports.

Difficult to manage emotions? Do the previous exercise activities. Research shows exercise can make a better mood and defuse anger.
Just as aspirin is effective for preventing heart attacks, as well as passion for the sport to prevent anger burst out. Thus the parable is used Nathaniel Thom, PhD, a researcher from the University of Georgia, United States, who do this research.
In his research, he was involved 16 students who have a temperament ill-tempered. They were asked to perform moderate intensity exercise, ie cycling, for 30 minutes. Before and after exercise, respondents were shown photographs that can provoke anger and photos that create a feeling of pity or neutral images.
After the exercise, respondents were asked to measure how angry they are (in scale points 1-20) saw the pictures. Apparently, after exercise and rest, the pictures were no longer make them irritable, compared with before exercise.
Although the results of this research is still on a small scale and need further proof, but according to Thom actually anger and sporting ties.
Anger and aggression caused by low levels of hormones that soothe or serotonin. Research in animals shows exercise can increase levels of serotonin in the brain.
Meanwhile, sports psychology expert Michael R. Bracko, EDD, said the sport that we can transfer the emotion of anger did not ease the anger.
To be sure, the anger does not always solve the problem. With exercise, not just the mood is more awake, it is definitely benefiting healthy body. You can choose the type of exercise such as yoga or sports soothing the spirit burner, as needed.